A Cancer that has Infected State and Federal Governments



Google is a Cancer that has Infected State and Federal Governments

By The Baptist Herald

- The entire operation plan of Google and it’s sub-groups is to control

politics for the purpose of steering taxpayer cash and ideologies into Eric

Schmidt’s pockets

- Google spends up to $100M PER DAY rigging elections, opinions and

spying on Americans

- Like a tumor, Google must be cut out of the social and political bodies

of the world

- Google has bribed over 400 politicians to keep FTC and SEC

investigations from happening.

- Google owns the politicians in California and New York and 1/3rd of

the politicians in Washington DC

- Google is now more dangerous to democracy, and the USA, than North

Korea! Mattis should invade Google!

- There is NOTHING not evil about Google and there is nothing any

American should ever use a Google product for

- Google execs and VC’s are fully aware of these charges and say: “...we

just don’t care if you know, we have more money and power than ANY


What is corruption of morality ? - Google Groups

What is corruption of morality ? This is an interesting subject.. ...

https://sites.google.com/site/aminer68/c-synchronization-objects-library Thank you,


http://www.suegoogle.org reveals criminal actions, corruption ...

http://www.suegoogle.org reveals criminal actions, corruption and public abuse by Google! March 19,

2017 THE PUBLIC. Add some Jeff Sessions, A dash of Trey Gowdy, ...






News Corp CEO slams Google for greed, censorship, corruption ...

In a speech at the Lowy Institute Media awards in Sydney, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson blasted

Google for greed, censorship, corruption, and piracy ...


GOOGLE blacklists Natural News… removes 140,000 pages from ...

The removal of Natural News from Google's index means that ... This is an astonishing realization

about the depths of total corruption in society today and how ...



WHAT IS GOOGLE CHARGED WITH? What does the evidence, which will be provided in court,

prove? Did Google break the law?: Yes- Proof will be provided ...


THE GOOGLE CASE - The Corruption Times

Google and Elon Musk both bribe the same politicians. Each owns part of the companies of the other.

The bag men and money people, for both, are the same people.


Journalist Who Exposes U.N. Corruption Disappears From Google ...

So why did he disappear from Google News? ... Fox News Insider; ... he's been focusing almost

entirely on stories that deal with internal corruption ...


Google AdSense Lawsuit Spotlights the Corruption of ...

Google AdSense Lawsuit Spotlights the Corruption of Unaccountability -- Part 41 Google

Unaccountability Series. Submitted by Scott Cleland on Fri, 2014-05-23 17:46.


Bribery and corruption in 2016 — Financier Worldwide

It is a pessimistic view for sure, but these days it can often seem that we live in a world mired in

bribery and corruption - a global society in which the name of ...

































Is Google Corrupt? - YouTube

Is Google Corrupt, Well ... Business & Freedom For exposing Corruption! Russell Malcolm 5Oct2013

- Duration: 25:29. Vinny Eastwood 3,645 views. 25:29.


The Scandal Hiding In Plain Sight | Power Line

The Obama administration was guilty of an "institutional lack of candor," which is a polite way of

saying that it lied to the court about what it was doing.


Information Blocked: The Racial & Gender Makeup of Google & 4 ...

The Obama Administration told the country on Wednesday about all of the jobs saved since the U.S.

Congress passed the stimulus package one year ago.


Seton Motley - Obama Cronies Discover Having Too Much ...

Left unmolested by the Obama grab were "edge providers" - like Google and Facebook. Google and

Facebook have built a $1-plus trillion combined market ...


Trump backs probes of Obama administration - skynews.com.au

US President Donald Trump has backed an investigation into actions of the Barack Obama



The US government's patent chief has resigned | Benton Foundation

Former Google executive Michelle Lee confirmed to lead US patent office; Apple's Tim Cook, tech

executives meet with Barack Obama to talk surveillance


Classified Documents Show Obama Spied on Americans with Google for Years

Obama spying is real, and Trump was right. Describing them as "serious constitutional abuses," a

Circa report has revealed that previously top secret














































OBAMA : Most ethical administration in American history - Page 3

No staffer or member of the Obama administration was convicted of crimes in office. Not one. No

indictments, no convictions, and no sentences. https://www.google ...


Google is Very Tight with the Obama Administration

The National Legal and Policy Center is asking the GOP to examine whether Google receives special

treatment from the administration.


Google and Obama Administration (BOYCOTT GOOGLE ) | DamDems

Google and Obama Administration (BOYCOTT GOOGLE) June 12, 2013 damdems Leave a

comment Go to comments. ... Google has been in bed with the Obama ...


New America Foundation, Google , and the Obama Administration ...

Google claims its business philosophy is the simple, warm-and-fuzzy, "Don't be evil." But behind the

scenes, the data-trolling and -selling operations the ...


Currently in Power - The Google Administration | Human Events

Currently in Power - The Google Administration. Seton Motley ... Google is Very Tight with the

Obama Administration. Google's Incestuous Ties with the Obama ...


Did Google Collude With Obama Administration to ... - Infowars

In a possible act of collusion between the Obama administration and Google-owned YouTube, a

video exposing US-backed rebel atrocities in Syria - which was sent out ...


Obama - Google connection scares competitors - POLITICO

The image of Google's CEO standing with Obama's economic team sent shivers up the spine of

Google's competitors.














































Google's lobbying efforts pay off with nearly-weekly meetings ...

Google employees contributed about $1.6 million to Barack Obama's two Presidential election

campaigns. And Google employees have been to White House meetings about ...


Google has had unrivaled access to the Obama administration .

Google's extraordinary access to Obama revealed as White House visitor logs show 427 meetings

between company and administration officials. Top lobbyist visited the ...


Google's open door: Firm's execs average 1 meeting a week at ...

Google executives have met with White House officials an average of once a week since US President

Barack Obama took office in 2009, according to a new report.


Mark Levin: Obama Administration , Clintons 'Sold Out the Country'

Nationally syndicated radio show host Mark Levin lauded the New York Times piece that exposed the

Clintons' uranium deal with Russia on his show yesterday and ...


Google relationship with Barack Obama stretches back to 2007 ...

Google and the Obama White House, sitting in a tree? The search giant's relationship with the

president stretches back to 2007 and is cozy as can be


Google's Top Policy Executive to Join Obama Administration ...

Andrew McLaughlin, Google's head of global public policy, is leaving the company to join the Obama

administration, according to two people with knowledge ...


Seven Ways Obama Is Trying to Sabotage the Trump ...

Note that even some commentators friendly to Obama, and sources within the Obama

Administration itself, have described the Israel vote as a deliberate act of sabotage ...


Google , Schmidt have the ear of Obama administration - The ...

WASHINGTON — Google is poised to play a more influential role in government with the incoming

Obama administration. Two Google leaders have Barack Obama's ear and ...
















































Obama administration joins Google • The Register

Hutchison's 3UK and Google push 3.5 GHz on both sides of the pond Steve Jobs may have engineered

the most audacious reverse-takeover in tech history when Apple ...


Google Bans DVD Critical Of Obama Administration - Infowars

Google has sensationally banned all sales through its shopping merchant of a DVD critical of the

Obama administration under the terms of its program policy which bars ...


Barack Obama and Google - Crony Socialism on Steroids | Human ...

Google loved Obama back before there was an Obama Administration. Remember how the Obama

campaign was hailed for its online prowess - both in 2008 and 2012?







- Aside from the usual BS reasons that Michelle Lee will give about why she left, the truth is that

she was an Obama/Google plant at the U.S. Patent Office who was placed there to help Google

steal all of the technology that Google wants to steal!

- The only person or entity she ever helped, during her entire tenure, was Google and Eric


- Assigned By Google to Protect Google's Patent Thefts, Michelle Lee discovers she is facing

criminal public office manipulation charges and high-tails it out the door!

- She can still be sued in Civil Court, though!

























- She presided over the most screwed up patent office in history

- Everyone is glad she is gone. “Good riddance to corrupt trash...” say domestic innovators

- And another one bites the dust...


The head of the US patent office just quit - engadget.com

The head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has unexpectedly resigned

from her position. Lee was officially appointed to the top jo...


Topic: MichelleLee articles on Engadget

Michelle Lee, considered an ally of the tech industry in government, unexpectedly quit.


BioCentury - Lee quits as USPTO director

Ending months of speculation and palace intrigue, Michelle Lee resigned Tuesday as Under Secretary

of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of ...


The head of the US patent office just quit - tech.attribyte.com

The head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has unexpectedly resigned

from her position. Lee was officially appointed to the top job by ...


The head of the US patent office just quit - Feature News

The head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has unexpectedly resigned

from her position. Lee was officially appointed to the top job by ...


The head of the US patent office just quit - finance.yahoo.com

The head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has unexpectedly resigned

from her position.


The head of the US patent office just quit - Michelle Lee ...

Politics The head of the US patent office just quit - Michelle Lee, considered an ally of the tech

industry in government, unexpectedly resigned today (engadget.com)





































Michelle Lee News - onenewspage.com

Michelle Lee news, photos, videos • Follow the latest Michelle Lee coverage from thousands of high

quality sources worldwide on One News Page.


The head of the US patent office just quit - Newsblock

The head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has unexpectedly resigned

from her position. Lee was officially appointed to the top job by ...


US patent office chief Michelle Lee steps down

US patent office chief Michelle Lee steps down Lee's resignation comes after months of mystery over

her status in the Trump administration. - Image from CNET


The head of the US patent office just quit - One News Page

The head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has unexpectedly resigned

from her position. Lee was officially appointed to the top job by ...


The head of the US patent office just quit | A1.AM

The head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has unexpectedly resigned

from her position. Lee was officially appointed to the top job by ...


The head of the US patent office just quit | #follownews

The head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has unexpectedly resigned

from her position. Lee was officially appointed to the top job by ...


Recode Daily: Uber fires 20 employees in its continuing ...

Plus, the head of the U.S. patent agency unexpectedly quits, ... The U.S. government's patent chief has

just resigned Michelle Lee, ...


Here's A Fun Link :: The head of the US patent office just ...

The head of the US patent office just quit - Michelle Lee, considered an ally of the tech industry in

government, unexpectedly resigned today

















































Wake Up Call: Uber Fires 20 After Perkins Coie Probe | Big ...

• The first woman to head the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has quit amidst

murkiness about her future under the Trump administration.


The head of the US patent office just quit | 15 Minute News

The head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has unexpectedly resigned

from her position. Lee was officially appointed to the top job by ...


K Michelle Airs Out Nicki Minaj - Holly Gozzip

Michelle was then … Disclaimer; GOT A ... Joseline Hernandez Quits Love And Hip Hop; ... Previous

Blogger Jason Lee Goes Offfff On Amber Rose And Exposes Her Tea.


Law.com - Newswire

... Bree Murphy and Leslie Meredith http://www.law.com/sites/almstaff/2017/06/06/michelle-lee ... of-

Florida-GC-Quits-While-Under-Investigation ...


The head of the US patent office just quit - civil.utm.my

The head of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Michelle Lee, has unexpectedly resigned

from her position. Lee was officially appointed to the top job by ...


How Google and Michelle Lee Destroyed American Innovation and fouled the U.S. Patent System

By Audrey Lancaster

The articles at the following links demonstrate a horrific state of affairs for American technology.

Google lobbyists and campaign financiers placed another one of their people in charge of another

federal agency (Just like at the DOE, White House and FCC) and it, again has led to devastating results

for America.

While protecting Google's interests, Google's lawyer: Michelle Lee, has gutted the U.S. Patent Office





































and destroyed the last vestiges of domestic creative advantage that the nation had.



...This New York Times article describes Google's process for spying on inventors and stealing their



… This article describes the invention terminating process that Michelle Lee set in place.


… This article describes the, LITERAL, killing of the public caused by Michelle and her termination of

life saving medical technologies. Notice in the Eli Lilly case that the problem is so disastrous that even

Lilly, Genentech and other providers can't even deliver new drugs and cancer-curing new medical

discoveries because they are being rejected and forced to be de-funded.

Google (AKA: the notorious “PollyHop” in the Season 6 HOUSE OF CARDS TV Series) is under

global investigation for political manipulation. With the U.S. Patent Office, Google cuts right to the

chase and sends their lawyer in to engage in BoonDoggling with audacity.

Eric Schmidt and Google funded the attempt to outlaw small inventors being allowed to get patents.

Schmidt's famous lobbying facade known as “the troll bill” was temporarily rebuffed but now Schmidt

has gone one better by placing his girl right on top of the actual U.S. Patent Office where she can do

her thing right out in broad daylight.



Michelle Lee is Google's lawyer. She runs the U.S. Patent Office.

Google hates other people's patents because, according to many inventors, Google has stolen

most of it's technology from others.

Michelle Lee presided over some of the largest intellectual property thefts, by Google, while

she was at Google.

The New York Times did a feature article about how Google founder Larry Page based Google's

business model on ideas he stole.

Google spent more money, than any other company, trying to over-throw modern patent laws

that protect small inventors.

Most people think that Michelle Lee is a “criminal mole planted by Google to protect Google

and only Google”.

Michelle Lee makes huge amounts of money off of Google while she runs the U.S. patent


Google funded Obama's campaign and Obama appointed Michelle Lee.











Michelle Lee has vindictively and overtly sought to invalidate tens of thousands of existing

patents on a “seemingly maniacal crusade to protect Google by steam-roller-ing all patents

that may affect Google.” She does so with the protection of the White House, who Google

seems to “own”.

Patent attorneys, start-up CEO's, inventors and small business hate Michelle Lee. Only Google

seems to like Michelle Lee.

Citizens groups plead with Trump, Sanders and Cruz to arrest and indict Michelle Lee if elected

but know Hillary will keep her because Google finances Hillary, too.

Is It Google's Turn to Head the USPTO Corporation ...


- As we showed in past years, Google had hired many patent lawyers rather than fight software patents;

Michelle Lee may therefore be part of the problem. ... Microsoft's Charm Offensive Against

GNU/Linux Uses the Same ...

Michelle Lee | LinkedIn


Washington D.C. Metro Area - Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director at

USPTO - United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

- Michelle Lee is currently the chief executive of one of the largest intellectual ... Executive lead of

Google's patent and patent strategy efforts. ... to Fortune 100 tech companies in the areas of internet,

online commerce, software, ...

What is Michelle Lee Hiding? - IPWatchdog.com | Patents ...


- If you googleMichelle Lee transparency” you can find more quotes with ... Act. To be clear—just

like the pharma companies we are up against, we are ...... So small software entities have to fight for 7,

8, 9, 10+ years for truly ...

Former Google attorney Michelle Lee nominated to run US ...


The Verge

- Former Google patent chief Michelle Lee has been nominated by ... from the tech industry and a

broader struggle around software patents, Lee's ... Feb 4 The ultimate patent troll is going to trial

against Google and Motorola.

Images for "michelle lee" google against software Report images















More images for "michelle lee" google against software

Google Public Policy Blog: Patent reform needed more than ...


- Posted by Michelle Lee, Head of Patents and Patent Strategy .... If a company is really against

software patents, it should sign the European ...

michelle lee « America Invents IP Blog - Burdlaw.com


Posts Tagged 'michelle lee'. Michelle Lee, What Will You Be? ... Big software wants to kill the

enforcement of software patents, with Google leading the charge. ... and regulations, but I wonder how

strongly she will fight against jobflow to Asia.

Gigaom | Former Google lawyer to lead Silicon Valley patent ...


- Fantastic news: Michelle K. Lee, formerly Google's chief patent ... while many experts have called

for the reform or abolition of software patents.

The Fox Guarding the Chicken Coop? - IP Nav














Former Google patent boss named as head of USPTO Silicon Valley office; does she bring her biases

against NPEs to the job? ... The US Patent and Trademark Office has appointed Michelle Lee, former

deputy general counsel ... At the Silicon Valley software conference where news of Lee's appointment

first came to light, ...

Long-time Googler will head Silicon Valley patent office | Ars ...


Ars Technica

- Michelle Lee, a former Google attorney who was one of the first ... The move was announced Friday

afternoon at a conference about software patents, ... Of twenty patent lawsuits that had been filed

against Google, only two ...





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