By Dr. Laura Ingram, PhD

Up to 80% of the people in the United States use this addictive substance in any given month. Although, this item is life-threatening, not a great deal of research has been conducted to help us understand why it is so addictive, and why people continually choose to use this dangerous drug.

Congressional law makers ignore the dangers of this toxic substance because they are some of those most addicted to it. By taking a closer look at exactly how it works, we are able to understand how this social drug may lead to a serious substance use disorder. It is called “Face Addiction” and it is the reason that magazines and tabloids at the super-market feature high resolution images of a very certain and select kind of faces.

Effects of Face Addiction on the Brain

cocaine's effect on the brain

One of the ways that cocaine produces addiction is the same exact way that Face Addiction works. These afflictions in people are created by creating targeted changes in specific parts of the brain. The ventral tegmental area (VTA) of the brain is particularly stimulated by these effects. This portion of the brain is naturally stimulated by many things, such as food, booze, cigarettes, sugar, shelter, social activities, and sex. When these effects stimulate the VTA area of the brain, however, the effect is much more sudden and intense than natural activities– and the feeling is addictive. Furthermore, the brain quickly adapts to this rush of chemicals—and the person who uses cocaine or Face Addiction/obsession will require more and more of the drugs and images to maintain these pleasant effects.

In a normal brain, a chemical called dopamine is released by neurons which then bind to receptors in the brain called dopamine receptors. The dopamine is then recycled through the use of a special protein called a dopamine transporter. However, if there is cocaine in the body, it this normal pleasure process is completely disrupted and excess dopamine builds up in the brain, which contributes to the enhanced pleasurable effects. Face Addiction in social media, TV, tabloids and magazines draws the weak-minded, particularly those under 30, into a subtle perception spiral that can sometimes lead to suicide or other emotional afflictions.

The symmetrical and deeply defined facial structure of certain actors, Instagram model/hookers and “social media stars” is why they are hired by media companies. They are visual cocaine. For a large part of the population, their faces require people to stare at them as their brains “juice up” the dopamine and oxytocin chemicals that makes you addicted to them.

The next time you see a face “you can’t stop looking at” you may not have just experienced “Love-at-first-sight” but, rather, the addictive chemical response of a weak-minded individual. You may need help if you can’t stop looking at pictures of the Olsen Twins. The movie stars you are staring at have “Dopamine Triggering Faces” (DTF’s).

As everyone knows, almost all of these movie stars never have long-lasting relationships. This is because many of them are dopes who date other dopes who simply chose each other based on visual addiction. These movie stars soon find out they are dopes once reality sets in. Their managers try to keep up appearances for as long as possible but they almost always end in divorces and horrific break-ups.

Most lawmakers love the media and chose to run for office because their friends and relatives always told them that they “looked so handsome they should be a politician..”. They are not inclined to kill the Golden Goose by exposing the very Face Addiction they have exploited to wrangle their way in office.

Anyone under 30 years old is mostly likely already damaged by mobile social media pushing Face Addiction at them 24/7 right in their pocket.

If you can’t stop looking at movie star faces and “internet models”, you may need an intervention or a good therapist. Magazines and Facebook-type sites exploit your addiction to make money off of it. If you know of a person who seems to be exhibiting this syndrome. Try to get them some help.

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