Facebook could be forced to pay YOU, personally, $8000.00




Lobby Campaign Against Silicon Valley Censorship Begins Today


Oath Keepers members are participating in this lobbying effort by ALIPAC to bring awareness to censorship and civil rights abuses by Silicon Valley social media companies. Phone numbers for the members of Congress are here: https://www.congress.gov/members


While this press release won’t reach some Americans due to Silicon Valley corporation bias against conservatives and groups that oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is leading a first of its kind lobbying effort in DC to combat censorship and civil rights abuses by companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

ALIPAC President William Gheen is leading a team of activists to visit congressional offices in Washington today, October 2, 2018, through Thursday, Oct 4, while ALIPAC activists and Oath Keepers from all 50 states will be on the phones calling on Congress and agencies to take swift action to curtail Silicon Valley abuses of American civil liberties through censorship, shadow bans, unequal services, and deplatforming.

This activist effort is dubbed Operations Operation Squeaky Wheel.

ALIPAC believes these companies and their Democrat Party supporters, H1B visa holders, and DACA immigrant workers are discriminating against American conservatives, Christians, Republicans, Trump voters, and non-socialists in order to influence and take control of US elections, legislation, and policies.

ALIPAC is submitting a detailed report to GOP members of Congress, the US Justice Department, the White House, FEC, and other regulators detailing the organization’s many difficulties imposed by social media companies to thwart the organization’s peaceful, non-violent, and racially inclusive political efforts.

ALIPAC Report to Congress & Media on Social Media Company Censorship

ALIPAC is also submitting a rapidly growing tracking list providing evidence of similar abuse of more than 75 conservative activists and groups.

List of Conservatives Censored by Silicon Valley companies Facebook, Google, Twitter, PayPal, etc.

ALIPAC’s Packet Cover Flyer for Operation Squeaky Wheel in DC Oct 2-4

ALIPAC’s report provides evidence and documentation showing “these companies have collectively reduced our web traffic to our main website at ALIPAC.us, altered our search result rankings drastically, banned us at times, shadow banned us, suppressed our content and releases, blocked ads, removed our ability to place ads, deleted videos and content, made false accusations of ‘hate speech’ or ‘hateful content’ against us, and refused to verify our accounts.”

“Our message to GOP lawmakers and candidates is that when they look at their returns on election night, they need to realize those returns have been heavily influenced by Silicon Valley social media bias against Republicans, non-citizen voters casting ballots in surprisingly large numbers, and demoralized conservative base voters who are disheartened by lawmakers’ efforts to pass Amnesty legislation at the behest of Soros backed groups, big banks, and the US Chamber of Commerce,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Social media bias combined with illegal voters and GOP base voters disappointed over Amnesty bills, the lack of a wall, and the continuation of Obama’s DACA is big problem for Republican candidates in the 2018 midterms.”

ALIPAC believes that between now and the midterm elections an opportunity exists for American citizens to successfully communicate their concerns and disappointments with candidates and lawmakers in a way that could lead to positive change.

ALIPAC will be conducting several talk radio interviews while engaged in this historic lobbyiing effort on the ground in DC.

For more information about ALIPAC’s first of its kind lobbying effort against Silicon Valley cyber censorship, non-citizen voters (including illegal aliens), and the defeat of Amnesty legislation in DC since 2004, please visit www.alipac.us



Oath Keepers is participating in, and supporting this effort by ALIPAC because we have directly been affected by the politically motivated/content based discrimination by IT companies such as Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, etc.

We encourage our members and supporters to contact their Congressional Representatives about this issue, and we fully support hearing on this, and whatever constitutional legislative remedies are available to prevent this fraudulent censorship (see below).

On Facebook, we have experienced “shadow banning” (you think all is well, but your readers don’t see what you wrote, or are not notified of a post), posts disappearing, posts being listed as “unavailable” (i.e. our admins can see the post but readers cannot), attempted posts not being allowed to actually post, frequent banning of individual users by Facebook for a post that does not actually violate “community standards” but simply expressed a conservative/constitutionalist viewpoint), certain memes and photos expressing pro-gun or conservative/libertarian/constitutionalist viewpoints being “disappeared” off of Facebook, etc.

We also experienced suspension of services by PayPal after being a customer for eight years, for allegedly violating PayPal’s “terms of service” but when we repeatedly asked for specifics of what we had done that violated the agreed upon terms of service, they refused to respond. There was no review, no opportunity to defend ourselves, and no communication whatsoever other than a vague email saying we had been suspended for violating their terms of service.

Clearly it was based on the content of our conservative/libertarian/constitutionalist speech and our viewpoints, not any actual actions by us that violated the terms of service. And since we are specifically, adamantly non-racist and non-discriminatory (see our bylaws as well as our long track record of speaking out against racism), it is NOT about any supposed racism or race-based discrimination on our part. We are not that way. What we are is non-race focused constitutionalists, libertarians, and conservatives, who support the Constitution and are also very much pro-gun. That was our “sin.”

I consider this fraud, as we entered into user agreements with these companies many years ago (back in 2009), which we have NOT violated, but they did violate on their end, based on the content of our speech rather than any actual violation of the agreed upon terms of service. When a company puts itself out there as an open social media and/or business transaction system, it is presenting itself as viewpoint/politics neutral, and users then use the service in reliance on that agreement and understanding, foregoing other alternatives (i..e for processing payments and donations, in the case of PayPal), and therefore relying on that service actually being content/viewpoint/politically neutral.

If they had announced from the inception of their businesses that they were going to exclude or censor conservative/libertarian/constitionalist viewpoints, we would not have used their services for so many years, in good faith reliance on them actually being content neutral. This is fraud in the inducement and in the execution.

So, this is not merely about their supposed right to do as they please as a private business. No private business has a right to engage in fraud.



Facebook could be forced to pay YOU, personally, $8000.00

The Sun

Facebook security breach: 50 million user accounts affectedVideo

Facebook security breach: 50 million user accounts affected

Facebook said it discovered a security breach that affects nearly 50 million user accounts. According to the company hackers exploited the 'View As' feature on the service and steps are being taken to fix the security problem.

Hacked Facebook users could be owed as much as 6,000 pounds ($7,800) in compensation as a result of the security breach revealed last week.

Legal experts have told The Sun that damages could run into the "thousands" for anyone affected by the hack — if you can prove you felt distressed.

Last Friday, Facebook revealed that hackers gained access to 50 million accounts.


The breach was possible thanks to several bugs in Facebook's systems, which were exploited by hackers.

It meant that attackers were able to log in as absolutely anyone — and access their profiles, photos, friend lists, and even private messages.

Facebook logged 90 million users out as a safety precaution, but the bugs had been live in the website's code since June 2017.

The Sun spoke to legal experts at U.K. law firm Slater and Gordon, who revealed that affected British citizens could make a claim against Facebook.

Gareth Pope, head of group litigation at the firm, told The Sun that it would be possible to file a "civil claim" under the EU's new GDPR data protection regulations, which came into force earlier this year.

"There are certain rules — one of those is the security principle, which means [Facebook] has to secure your data with appropriate technical and organizational measures," Gareth said.

He said this rule is "nice and wide", and gives Facebook users the best chance of squeezing some cash out of the rogue social network.

"If you have left a laptop on the train without a password then that's not secured data," he explained.

"If you have left open the doors of your system to hackers then you have also not secured your data."

According to Gareth, Article 82 of the GDPR rules lets anybody bring "a claim for compensation against Facebook if they have suffered material or non-material damage".

"That's where you're going to get them on the breach of the law — under GDPR, you've not adhered to the security principle under those laws," he said.

It used to be the case that Facebook users would've had to prove financial loss to get compensation.

But that's no longer true.

"You could say 'hackers gained control of my Facebook account, that has caused me some sort of distress', and that is now enough," he said.

He added that joining up to a group action – rather than taking on Facebook alone – would be wisest too.

"If you act as a group, you're more likely to bring Facebook to the table and take your claims more seriously," Gareth told The Sun.

So how much could you actually get from Facebook?

According to Gareth, the potential compensation from a civil lawsuit "is infinite" – but it's unlikely you'll get millions from billionaire Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

Instead, it's closer to thousands: "When looking at the hack of a social account, I would think that would be several thousands of pounds of damage."

You'll have a better chance of getting more money if something bad actually happened to you after the Facebook hack.

"The court will have to attribute a value to the degree of suffering that you have suffered yourself," Gareth said.

"And so, for example, that could be quite a wide range. If somebody had info taken and nobody knows who took it – and nothing happened – then you could say you felt distress.

"If somebody hacked a business and all sorts of business details and trade secrets, and managed to get financial info, and they lost money, obviously the compensation will be higher."

Gareth admitted his own firm Slater and Gordon would consider taking the case on, but they'd need someone to fund the suit — as hacked users could probably only expect a few thousand pounds in compensation.

"It's certainly something we would look at," he said.

"It's more complex than saying 'yes, it's a winnable' case. We would obviously need to work out how the claim was funded, we'd need a litigation funder.

"We wouldn't expect claimants would want to pay us to run the claim for probably only £4-, 5-, 6,000 worth of compensation.

"We'd also need an insurance policy so clients wouldn't have to pay Facebook's legal costs if we lose."

It's also possible that Facebook might decide to settle the matter out of court – and just pay hacked users a fee.

Facebook is currently worth around 361 billion pounds and employs some of the best legal minds in the world, but Zuck's empire might find a court battle too costly.

"Facebook has essentially unlimited resources — if these claims are probably not tens of thousands [of pounds] then they might be several thousands [of pounds] at least.

"You're gonna start thinking about cost and benefit."

This story originally appeared on The Sun. Read more content from The Sun here.


- The class mates and school peers of every politician are being contacted going as far back as Ruth Ginsberg's elementary school days

- Every email, text message, school record, dating site message, escort site record and recollection of school peers of every public official is being pulled up by private investigators using Palantir and other CIA-Class digital surveillance tools


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