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A flurry of recent lawsuits has stimulated global interest in themachinations of one Vinod Khosla. In this issue we examine the ten year investigation of Khosla and his Silicon Valley Cartel.

A RICO STATUTE violation case is one which addresses the criminal behavior of individuals in a manner known as “OrganizedCrime”, “Racketeering” , “Mobsterism”, “Anti-Trust Violations”, Monopoly Operation”, and or “The operation of aCartel”. This case law is described in detail at this link:

In Silicon Valley, a “Cartel” of technology billionaires has formeda RICO-violating operation headed by notorious billionaires Vinod Khosla, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Steve Jurvestson andJohn Doerr.

Khosla’s Silicon Valley Cartel promotes itself as “an elite group of geniusmen who are smarter than everyone else and super technologists”. In fact they are none of those affectations. They exist in the newsmedia because of billions of dollars of self-promotion amplified by their own interbred controlled global media networks andself-manipulated Streisand Effects. The “brilliant technology” they claim to invent is stolen from small entrepreneurs. These boysexist because they have a locked control on public funds that they collude and conspire to keep amongst themselves. That is illegal.

Running a Cartel that abuses taxpayers is illegal! Make no mistake about it.

The Coastal Commission, Every major surfer, The Lands Office, The Stateof California, The San Mateo County lawyers and executives, human rights activists, the publishers of the news outlets that reach millions of readers, Federal Law enforcement,most of the U.S. Congress, hundreds of millions of voters, the LA Times and most everybody else want Vinod Khosla in jail or out ofoperation. Multiple organizations are now joining forces to eradicate these criminals, and their crimes from the San Francisco peninsula.

In the feature-length film: “THE SILICON MOBSTERS”, one of the lawyers fighting Khosla puts it in simple terms, this caseis about Khosla’s “Arrogance” he says. In fact he sums up the entire problem. Vinod Khosla, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, LarryPage, Steve Jurvestson and John Doerr are arrogant because they bribe local officials to look the other way and, so far, have gotten awaywith it. Many of those officials have now been fired and the rest are under public investigation and have had all of their emails leaked.It is no longer possible for the Silicon Valley Cartel to get away with anything. See part of the film at links suchas:

Where the Silicon Valley Cartel run by Khosla and his boys used to be acute, fun tech carnival on Wired Magazine, it has become a dark, prostitute and sex traffic laden, Frat Boy club of tax evading, WhiteHouse bribing, Fake News generating, election manipulating hellhole on the front pages of all the main stream press. Khosla’s Cartelhas ruined Silicon Valley’s brand, cost Silicon Valley billions in revenue and made an entire State (Soon to be an entire nation)disgusted with the Cartel.

In the AngelGate scandal the world discovered the Collusion of theKhosla Cartel:

In the No Poaching Scandal the World discovered the depths of therigging that the Khosla Cartel were willing to stoop to to damage 60,000 local engineers over their ego trips and arrogance:

In the ongoing Wikileaks and ICIJ disclosures we see that the Cartelorders “hit-jobs” on politicians and members of the public that irk their fragile self-promoted egos:

Millions of pages of evidence have been acquired from forensic investigatorsat the FBI, GAO, FTC, SEC, EU, OSC, CBS News, The old Washington Post, CIA, DIA and other journalists, whistle-blowers and privateinvestigators that prove the crimes and those evidence repositories have been placed in torrents and archives in nations around theglobe.

In 2017, an even larger set of disclosures will appear and federalinvestigations will be accelerated. Each agency is encouraged to move to RICO filings against the Cartel members. Any campaigncontributions are no longer worth the risk. Their tax payments no longer offset their damages. The Silicon Valley Cartel and it’stechnology Al Capone’s no longer deserve the right to exist. They have crossed the line.

Every person at every agency is now accountable for fixing this witheffective law enforcement and case law action. It is essential that everyone understand the new world of the Streisand Effect:

The Streisand Effect has now been shown to follow, by name, any agency oradministrator who does not take positive and effective action for the rest of their lives and, indeed, end their careers. The price of notdoing the right thing, in the modern world, is devastating.

Contact your local AG, FBI office and GAO officials and ask how you can movethese RICO filings forward.

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