It does not have anything to do with First Amendment or Freedom-of-Speech issues. It is about making it a felony to exchange remuneration for "killing people".

Oh! You thought there was already a law against that? There is not!

When Nick Denton, Adrian Covert, and their "hit-men" at Google, exchange goods, jobs, contracts, stock and services in order to process over thirty million dollars of "media services" to try to end someone's life using defamation, character assassination, hacking, server manipulation, search engine rigging, DNS manipulation and other dirty tricks, that "kills" the targeted victim.

It is murder of a person, their brand, their family and their revenue. It does not matter that a President, a Senator or a tech oligarch hired them. It is a criminal endeavor.

We have worked with the finest law enforcement, intelligence and forensic investigators to track the money, the accounts, the covert funding routes and the clients.

While we terminate, 100% legally, every party involved in the attacks, we have asked Congressional leaders to enact this law.

Those who do not sponsor this law are part of the problem!

The law simply says that it is a felony to exchange compensation for trying to assassinate a person in America using conspired media distribution for economic advantage.



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