Bulgarian journalist who reported on EU corruption, found raped and murdered

Bulgarian journalist who reported on EU corruption, found raped and murdered(

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Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova raped and murdered

Oct 08, 2018 · Bulgarian authorities are investigating the rape and murder of an investigativereporter in the northern city of Ruse, the third journalist to have been killed in the EU this year.

Don Bolles - Wikipedia

Donald Fifield Bolles (July 10, 1928 - June 13, 1976) was an American investigative reporter for The Arizona Republic whose murder in a car bombing has been linked to his coverage of the Mafia.

List of journalists killed in the United States - Wikipedia

The most recent journalists killed in the United States were four reporters for The Capital in Annapolis, Maryland, who were killed on June 28, 2018 in a mass shooting at the newspaper's office. The most dangerous sector of the US media after 1980 has been the race and ethnic press.

RSF appalled by investigative reporter's murder in Slovakia ...

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns well-known Slovak investigative reporter Ján Kuciak's murder during the weekend and calls on the authorities to ensure that those responsible are punished. He is the second journalist to be murdered in a European Union country in the past five months.

Bulgarian investigative journalist killed, authorities say ...

Bulgarian investigative journalist Viktoria Marinova was raped and murdered on Saturday. Officials say there is no evidence yet the crime was related to her work.

E:60 Investigative Reporter Tisha Thompson No Stranger to ...

Thompson, who has been an investigative reporter for 18 years is no stranger to these types of stories. "One of the very first stories I ever covered was a murder-for-hire plot," Thompson said. "It was one of my very first live shots as a television reporter in Columbia, Missouri [at KOMU-TV]."

Journalist Viktoria Marinova raped and murdered in Bulgaria ...

An investigative television journalist has been raped and murdered in Bulgaria's northern town of Ruse, according to officials.. The body of 30-year-old Viktoria Marinova, whom authorities ...

Police suspect Slovak investigative journalist murdered for ...

Police suspect Slovak investigative journalist murdered for his work. ... "If it is proven that the death of the investigative reporter was connected with his journalistic work, it would be an ...

Italian Mafia Links Probed in Murdered Reporter Investigation ...

Candles and flowers are left for a tribute to murdered Slovak investigative reporter Jan Kuciak at Slovak National Uprising Square in Bratislava, Slov


Christopher Wylie says he was pushed into traffic and assaulted after exposing Facebooks bombshell data scandal

Jake Kanter and David Ibekwe




  • Christopher Wylie said he has been a target for physical abuse since blowing the whistle on Facebook's giant data scandal in March.
  • Wylie rocketed into the public consciousness and became involved in the Brexit debate in Britain, which he said made him vulnerable to attack.
  • The distinctive data scientist said his life has transformed since going public, and he has had to become comfortable with attention from the media.
  • Wylie is now doing consulting work for "different authorities in different jurisdictions" to help them identify blind spots on emerging technologies.
  • He spoke to Business Insider after being named in the UK Tech 100, a ranking of the 100 coolest people in the UK tech industry.
Business Insider
Christopher Wylie, the 29-year-old data scientist who exposed Facebook's giant data breach, has revealed he has been physically assaulted and followed since blowing the whistle.

Wylie told Business Insider how his life has transformed since going public with evidence that Cambridge Analytica weaponised the data of 50 million Facebook users during the 2016 US presidential election.

Wylie helped build what he describes as "[Trump advisor] Steve Bannon's psychological warfare mindf--k tool," which exploited Cambridge Analytica's haul of Facebook data. But this was not the reason he was targeted.

The Canadian went on to become a vocal critic of the UK's Brexit referendum, challenging the validity of the vote. In March, Wylie said the UK may not have voted to quit the EU if it had not been for "cheating" by the Leave campaign.

Four months later, the official Leave campaign was found guilty of breaking electoral law for funnelling payments of more than £675,000 to Aggregate IQ through another Brexit campaign group. Aggregate IQ is a Canadian data firm with a web of links to Cambridge Analytica.

Wylie said it was this that made him vulnerable to attack. Some of the abuse he has encountered has been reported to the police, while a risk assessment was also carried out on the whistleblower. It all means he has to take certain precautions when he is out in public.

"I've been physically assaulted several times in the street. Somebody once pushed me into traffic. I've been followed into gay clubs, for example, where alt-right blogs would send photographers to take pictures of me," he said. "That has been not necessarily the easiest to deal with but, again, you start to actually just get used to it."

Chris Wylie
Christopher Wylie.
 Neil P. Mockford/Getty Images
Prior to going public in March, which he did through interviews with The Observer and The New York Times, Wylie said he was a private person. Now, his shock of pink hair, nose ring, and countless media appearances have made him an easily recognisable figure.

"Before my coming out, as it were, I was very much a private person. Almost had never done any kind of media, anything before," he said after being named in the UK Tech 100. "Once the story came out, and blew up in the way that it did, I had to let go of that old habit, and embrace the fact that people want to talk about it, and talk to me about it."

His "unique" look, as he describes it, was actually discussed prior to the story going live. He thought about stripping the pink from his hair and removing his piercings, but decided that his identity as a gay man should be part of his narrative.

"It's important that queer people get visibility, particularly when they look, act, and speak in the way that they're comfortable with," he continued. "For me, that was important."

Carole Cadwalladr, The Observer journalist who got Wylie to talk, described him as "the millennials' first great whistleblower."

His evidence thrust Facebook into a tsunami of scandal, wiping $60 billion off the company's value and forcing CEO Mark Zuckerberg into a media apology tour, which has evolved into a global advertising campaign.

It sent shockwaves through the tech world, with other big companies being swept up in data scandals of their own, including Google which was criticised for collecting location data even when users told it not to.

Life after blowing the whistle on Facebook

Wylie is comfortable with Cadwalladr's moniker, particularly as he hopes to inspire a new generation of whistleblowers to come forward and expose corruption. "It's important that people see that you can be a whistleblower and you can be different," he explained.

Born in Victoria, Canada, Wylie now lives in London. He is coy about how he earns a living but said he does consulting work for "different authorities in different jurisdictions" to help them identify blind spots on emerging technologies.

Asked if he could see himself policing data misuse in the future and bringing companies like Cambridge Analytica to justice, he said: "Do I see myself being a data cop in the future? I don't know. Probably not. At the moment, I am helping quite a few authorities and investigations more broadly."


Another Democrat awaiting corruption trial found dead; autopsy planned

By | Fox News

Former Massachusetts state Sen. Brian Joyce leaves a U.S. federal courthouse in Worcester, Mass., Dec. 8, 2017.

Former Massachusetts state Sen. Brian Joyce leaves a U.S. federal courthouse in Worcester, Mass., Dec. 8, 2017.  (Associated Press)

A former Massachusetts state senator awaiting trial on federal corruption charges was found dead in his home Thursday, authorities said.

The body of former state Sen. Brian A. Joyce, 56, was found by his wife, the Bristol County District Attorney's office said in a statement. The DA’s office said “foul play” was ruled out for the time being.

Joyce was reportedly involved in a car crash Wednesday, but it was unclear if that incident was connected to his death. Massachusetts’ chief medical examiner is slated to conduct an autopsy.  

Boston 25 News @boston25

Former Mass State Senator Brian Joyce found dead in his home …

Former Mass State Senator Brian Joyce found dead in his home

Former Massachusetts State Senator Brian Joyce has been found dead inside his Westport home, the Bristol County DA's office says.

Twitter Ads info and privacy


An investigation is “active and ongoing,” the spokesman said.

The Democrat, who served as assistant majority leader, was first elected in 1998. Joyce left the Senate after not seeking re-election in 2016 amid the federal probe. He moved to Westport, Mass., from Milton after his political career ended.

In December 2017, Joyce was named in a 113-count indictment charging him with racketeering, extortion, wire fraud and money laundering. Prosecutors said he allegedly accepted up to $1 million in bribes and kickbacks that he laundered through his company.

The indictment also accused Joyce of using his political influence to help a Dunkin’ Donuts store owner in exchange for hundreds of pounds of fresh coffee, the Boston Globe reported.

"He had a duty to serve them honestly. And he violated that duty by accepting bribes and kickbacks in exchange for his official action."

- U.S. Attorney William Weinreb

“Brian Joyce represented over 100,000 Massachusetts citizens in the state Legislature,” said then-acting U.S. Attorney William Weinreb during a news conference after the indictment was first announced. “He had a duty to serve them honestly. And he violated that duty by accepting bribes and kickbacks in exchange for his official action.”

Joyce pleaded not guilty at his arraignment and was free on $250,000 bond. No trial date had been set. Joyce's attorney, Howard Cooper, had maintained that his client was innocent of all the charges against him.

No further details were made available.


Missing Wikileaks Security Expert Most Likely Dead And Killed by Deep State (technology)


by shadow332

Arjen KamphuisJPG


The article has been shoaed but archive is live.

The personal belongings of a WikiLeaks associate who has been missing for three weeks have been found at sea. Arjen Kamphuis left his hotel in Bodoe, Norway, where he was on holiday, on 20 August and has not been seen since. His belongings were found by a fisherman on 11 September, in an area east of the town.

Police and the Red Cross are now searching the area where the belongings were found with a rescue vessel. Norwegian police said: "Due to the ongoing investigation the police do not at this time wish to release any information about which specific items that have been found." Officers have no main theory about his disappearance, and have not determined whether he was the victim of a criminal act. WikiLeaks tweeted on 2 September, to say the 47-year-old's disappearance was "strange". Mr Kamphius, from the Netherlands, describes himself as a "free software advocate" and "IT security adviser" in his Twitter profile.

Dutch investigators have arrived in Bodoe to help with the search, Norwegian police said in a statement. It added: "Kamphuis has still not been found and the case is open for different outcomes, but we still haven't found anything that indicates a crime has been committed." Mr Kamphuis, who is shown in pictures with blond hair and a thin beard, had a ticket for a flight to Trondheim on 22 August. A phone linked to him was switched on near Stavanger, a city 990 miles (1600km) from Bodoe, on 30 August, but police have not been able to confirm if he was using it. A German SIM card was inserted when the phone was on.

Have you ever asked yourself "how does Wikileaks operate on the day-to-day level?" Assange has been Man-in-the-Iron-Mask'd for 164 days, effectively imprisoned in solitary confinement like in a Supermax prison. Who is writing the tweets coming from @Wikileaks? Even before October 16, 2016, Assange was still living like a rat inside a Skinner Box.

Who were the sysadmin's running, upgrading, and monitoring the dozen or so Wikileaks servers?

There is no way Assange was doing that, because the moment he ssh'd into a server, the NSA would steal his RSA key and then backdoor the Wikileaks servers. Who was running the Wikileaks hidden onion service on Tor and receiving any potential uploaded leaks of classified documents?

I can't see Assange single handedly running that, for the same reasons of interception and sabotage. Assange is just a front man, a hype man, a spokesman. Who are the real operators of Wikileaks behind the Wikileaks?

This new dead guy fits the profile. Here's my theory: the CIA has been stalking the dozen or so technical wizards who are the true operators of Wikileaks. CIA just sits and waits for the right opportunity to kill them, under circumstances which will appear accidental or mysterious and not lead back to CIA in any way. One by one, CIA plans to pick off the operators of Wikileaks until there is nobody left. Assange won't matter after he is alone.

The CIA is playing a very dangerous game by whacking Wikileaks sysadmins and developers. If i were a Glow in the Dark nigger, I'd tread like Grasshopper on Rice Paper, because even if you think you can win by simply assassinating Wikileaks, be careful what you wish for. Because you'll end up with something much worse than Wikileaks.

A smarter CIA would nominate itself as Assange's personal secret bodyguard, silently protecting him at all times and places. because if anything ever happens to Julian, the whole world is going to blame CIA regardless of the truth. The CIA is blinded by its myopia and deluded by its own propaganda reflecting back at itself in the mirror. It vastly underestimates just how beloved a figure that Assange is world-wide. Assange is the new Che, MLK and Gandhi rolled into one.

Turns out that when you want to run a private non-government intelligence agency, you also have to run a division that murders people…. or the government agencies just murder you

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[–] kommisar6 6 points (+6|-0)  ago 

Yikes. It is stuff like this that gives credibility to all those conspiracy people.


[–] eronburr 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

I thought we agreed WL was seized and not taken down to pied-piper new contributors? Didn't we see WL tweets calling qanon a pied-piper?
It likely was, reddit could have shut GA down immediately but it let people join to know which to shadowban in other subreddits.


[–] goship 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

the moment he ssh'd into a server, the NSA would steal his RSA key

what?! it doesn't work like that


[–] varialus 5 points (+6|-1)  ago 

Well, it's not supposed to work like that, but if you're a high level target, who the fuck knows how anything actually works? For all we we know they've backdoored the compilers all the way down. Who the fuck is going to write their own C compiler? Some HolyC compiler you might call it. Nobody but a prophet, blessings be upon him, to whom, blessings be upon him, were given the two edged spiritual gift of spiritual sight would be crazy enough to go to that kind of an extreme. May God damn the glowing CIA niggers.


[–] FuckredditKenobi 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

Is there a way to "reset" the Internet?

Would that not fix this issue?


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